Forlì Self Storage: functional spaces at the service of AVIS Forlì

AVIS is undoubtedly one of the most active organisations in our area and has its roots in the long-running of 1936, when it was reported that the first blood donation transfusion techniques were being introduced in the territory. Since then, a lot has been done: today there are 3,600 donors in the Forlì alone and they rise to 5,600 if the whole area is examined: all this produces 11,000 bags of blood and plasma with an average per capita donation of 1.8/per person per year.

AVIS has been active since 1960 in the Palace of via Giacomo La Torre in Forlì, which also houses the AIDO and ADMO associations.

“It is a building with a very dense history – explains Valdemaro Flamini, president of AVIS (pictured with the dead Mr Giorgio Maltoni) – it was donated by the local family Casadei, in memory of his son Erio, a young promise of motorcycling, who died at the age of 23 years old in 1956 after a traffic accident

On March 6, 1958, two years after the young man’s death, the first stone was laid and two years later the building that houses us was inaugurated: the bronze bust dedicated to Erio’s memory is still in the lobby, alongside a large painting by Maceo Casadei. Here, which has become a symbol of free donation for many people living in Forlì, we have experienced the development of our association, together with the aforementioned AIDO and ADMO. 60 years later, however, the building needed a substantial renovation, so, in agreement with the municipality of Forlì, now the owner of the building, the renovation at our expense was agreed in exchange for a free use of the building for the next 50 years’.

The work has been going on for over a year and, of course, the association has had to solve a logistical problem: that is, the placement of furniture and materials in order to leave the rooms free.

“Thanks to some acquaintances – continues Flamini – we became aware of Forlì Self Storage and their rental boxes: we went to this facility to understand how the service worked and we thought it was definitely suitable to solve our needs. We have entered into a first one-year contract, recently reconfirmed for the second year and I have to say that I’m very happy with this solution, both for the freedom of access to our spaces, and for the courtesy of the managers, with whom not only commercial relations but also human relations are excellent. In short, a great opportunity for those who are in the situation of having to put back and store any kind of material”.