The stunning Calabrian clementines at Forlì Self Storage

Forlì Self Storage also smells the unique fragrance of the Calabrian clementines of the Piana di Sibari: a fruit which is distinctly different from other imported mandarins, with unique organoleptic qualities, resulting from quality and production land, by specific cultivation techniques, but especially because of the proximity of the Parco del Pollino and the Sila mountains which create an ideal habitat for the growth of this plant, and in particular hinder the formation of wind and hail.

All this is possible in Forlì, thanks to the activity of Giovanni Possidente who sells in Emilia Romagna area the clementines produced by his family farm in the territory of Corigliano Rossano. Mr Possidente has been doing this business for about six years and initially needed a space to store the incoming product from Calabria, pending sale.

“After a thorough web search – Mr. Possidente said – I learned about Forlì Self Storage and the possibility of renting a box, where to keep the crates of clementine. I immediately appreciated the flexibility of this structure, which is willing to give me a space for the period of sale of clementines, from the end of October to the end of February and to make available, in addition to the box, an appropriate tool such as walking pads and pallet trucks, always available seven days a week, and, if necessary, other spaces of different metratures for a few days, congenial when when significant loads arrive from Calabria: It happens that, in some peak periods, in addition to the canonical two trucks per week, I get more and, consequently, more storage space is needed.”

Mr Possidente develops his business on two distinct channels: On the one hand, with his own truck, he sells directly to Forlì in Piazzale Giovanni XXIII, and on the other hand he markets clementines to the Bologna wholesale market.

“Another very interesting aspect of Forlì Self Storage – concludes Mr Possidente – is the large outer square, which I consider essential for the entry and maneuvers of the trucks (up to 18 meters long) that deliver the goods to me. Finally, I greatly appreciated the fact that Marika’s staff have equipped themselves with an electric lift, even at my request, which greatly streamlines the unloading of the goods.”