External Car Parking

The external car parkings are accessible 24 hours a day; there you can park your vehicle: camper van, caravan, watercraft, vintage car, etc.  The car parkings are outside, not covered, unattended and not insured.

They are located in our yard that is a private property: the area is controlled by a video surveillance connected to private security 24 hours a day.

The car parkings are accessible to customers 24 hours a day throughout the year, through a personal access code.

 It is possible to use electricity.

The minimum period is a month; there are some discounts for long period with a fully anticipated payment.


DHL Service Point

Among our offices you can send your documents and your goods all over the world in a simple and reliable way. We provide free DHL packaging for our clients.



A unique delivery address to all the postal communications.


That is how to dedicate to documents, files and dossiers the space they deserve! You can choose the simple store or the accessible archiving according to your purpose.

Packaging & Accessories

In Forlì Self Storage you can buy all the material you may need to store, package and transport. Kit and tools for all your needs, let’s choose what you prefer!

Shelving Units Rental

Forlì Self Storage make available shelving units for hire to better store your documents, files and dossiers in order to make an easy consultation and to keep in order the documents stored inside the box. Our shelving units are 2,10 metres in height and 1 metre in width. Each shelf is 60 centimetres in depth. They are modular and suitable for every need.

To get further informations please contact us.


Day Pallet

When you can’t be present to pick up your parcel, we got it!

With a specific authorization, we pick up your parcel in your name and we keep it in custody in an alarmed and safe box until your return.


Special Agreements

Forlì Self Storage has made some agreements with exclusive partners to facilitate its customers and guarantee the highest convenience. Look at our partner list.


Relocation & Van Rental

Thanks to our partners, you could receive a fast and favorable estimate  for any move or relocation. Moreover, you could use a special discount through our agreements to rent vans of several sizes.